Lee Oskar

World best harmonica player, Lee Oskar will visit Korea for performance in 15 years.

Lee Oskar & Friends

Lee Oskar will give us performance with world class band musicians.

Konstantin Reinfeld

At a young age Konstantin Reinfeld already causes a sensation in the music world. In summer 2012 and still in high school Reinfeld recorded his first and highly respected CD "Mr. Quilento“ in the legendary Peer Studios in Hamburg presenting his first original compositions.

Chang Chu Ting

With countless competitions and stages, Chu-Ting created a stylish performances of harmonica and charisma of musician in her way. Now she is director of Taiwan harmonica art promotion organization, one of the judges of Taiwan Student Music Competition.

Crossover Harmonica Ensemble

The Corssover Harmonica Ensemble was founded in 2005 and is actively performing both inside and outside of Korea. Crossover Harmonica Ensemble advanced to the finals at the 2006 Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival.

Fata Morgana

Harmonica Quartet FATA MORGANA from the Netherlands was founded in 1980 and since then the group has played over 400 concerts in 16 different countries (Korea is # 17) in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Cy Leo

Leo is a twenty-two-year-old emerging chromatic harmonica virtuosic player and singer-song writer. He has accumulated 17 international championships since 2006.

Antonio Serrano Dalmas

A long vibrant career, granted him the MASTERS OF MEDITERRANEAN MUSIC IN JAZZ award because of his revolutionary contribution to the genre. The award was given to him in 2014 by the Berkley Mediterranean Music Institute.

Gregoire Maret

Grégoire Maret heard many kinds of music in his native Switzerland. His parents introduced him to soul, jazz and R&B. It was the music of masters Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Wayne Shorter, and Louis Armstrong that immediately struck home  and inspired Maret.

Fresco Harmonica Ensemble

Made up of 10 performers, they represent Malaysia and they are known worldwide as premier harmonica ensemble.

Tanaka Koei

From Japan, Tanaka Koei have an equal mastery of both diatonic and chromatic, also he is an official international Suzuki endorser.

Veloz Harmonica Ensemble

Comprising four international award-winning members, Veloz is endorsers of Hohner harmonica.

Minami Risa

From Japan, Minami Risa is the winner of many other prizes and her chromatic harmonica performances with stunning high-level techniques.

Marcos Coll

From Spain, Marcos Coll has every intention of continuing to tour the world with many great blues musicians.

Kif Valentine

Kif represented Malaysia in several occasions to participate in International Harmonica Competitions and won numerous awards.

Sirius Harmonica Ensemble

Sirius Harmonica Ensemble was founded in 2001. Their performance interests range from classical and folk songs to pop and jazz.
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서울국제하모니카 페스티벌

Objective of Seoul International harmonica festival

  • This festival seeks to foster international exchanges by inviting harmonica performances of world-class artists and discovering local talent. By the performances of world-famous players gather harmonica lovers, the international exchanges are revitalized and new talents in Korea are discovered. Since 2015, the third event, the Korea Harmonica Education Association which is the professional education organization has hosted jointly as a private partnership business to build a partnership with social community through promoting the spread of  harmonica music. The competitions will be held annually going forward as an international harmonica festival.

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